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If you're reading this, it's a sign that you are at a crossroads and have a decision to make. Due to our fallen culture, whether you realize it or not, you are already experiencing a health problem or shortly will.

“The difference between a crisis and a situation is your ability to respond and handle it.”

Tosh James

Cancer, Cardiovascular issues, Autoimmune situations, and Chronic infections don't just happen. Nor do they show up overnight. Over time, the problems have been building, and, likely, you haven't been paying attention to the gauges on the dash.

Most people in this world don’t have the ability to handle situations regarding their health. The calendar years 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 were perfect examples. People died from being infected by the virus projected out of China. Although the cause of their death was the inability of their bodies or lack of ability to respond to the virus and its mutating strains. Everyone was affected and infected regardless of where they lived. The ones that survived were the ones whose bodies could respond. This virus won't be the last catastrophe. We will make more mistakes as a generation because we do not understand design. The best way to make it through is to be ready and stay ready.

The Advisor:

Tosh James is the founder of an elite wellness consulting firm. With an exclusive list of clientele, including celebrities, dignitaries, pro athletes, business executives, health and wellness industry experts, and royals, Tosh informs and guides those eager to learn about true wellness. He also consults organizations and governments worldwide. on the broken industry of wellness and the future of global healthcare.

More Info About Tosh James

The Life120 Journal is the book everyone needs to improve their health.

With step-by-step instructions and journal pages, Tosh guides users through a 120-day eating regimen to:

  • Cleanse the body of toxins
  • Nourish the gut, liver, and bone marrow
  • Restore balance within the body

By the end of 120 days, you will be on track for a healthier life. The discipline and momentum that carried you through will continue in a new lifestyle of wholeness.

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Tosh James is a virtual reservoir of energy, knowledge, and fiery passion for change.

Tosh’s book, “Life120,” is a consummation of experience, wisdom, and practical genius.

In 2019 I was deathly ill. Tosh came alongside me and put me on his wellness program. Within 4 weeks, all my friends and family were saying, “Jack, you look fabulous, you have color in your face for the first time in years!” I call it, “Life Saver Brilliant!”

Rev. Dr. Jack Sheffield Founder Christ Healing Center

Mr. James’ understanding of disease and health restoration is both wise and simple to understand. His process is very effective.

Jorge Hernandez, M.D.

“As a chaplain I deal in hope and truth. Tosh James brings hope to those facing chronic medical conditions and pain. With the truth of proven methodologies is helping me restore my health and wellness even reversing and destroying certain adverse conditions in my body.”

Dr. William S – Texas, United States Law Enforcement Chaplain

“Don’t change who you are for others; refine yourself into the person you were created to be.”

- Tosh James

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